Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale in Minnesota

Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale in Minnesota

With over 40 years of experience with the golden retriever breed, Island Farm Goldens is your Minnesota area expert in golden retriever puppies! Whether you are looking for a loving family dog or high pedigree hunting dog, we are sure you will love this amazing breed and that we have the right puppy for you.

About Golden Retriever Puppies

What is a Golden Retriever? 

Golden retrievers are known to be one of the best loyal companions you could have. These puppies are very playful and will pal around with you and your family for hours on end. Golden retrievers are also known for their beautiful coats and that range in many different colors. 

Golden Retriever Characteristics 

Island Farm Golden Retrievers will average 21-24 inches in height and weigh 55-75 pounds. Golden Retrievers will have a more broad chest and a sturdy muscular form, they have kind brown eyes and a wet black nose. Goldens come in many different colors, cream, and blonde are the most common colors while the darker red colors are a rarity in the breed. At Island Farm Goldens we have all three colors available. 

Golden Retriever Temperaments 

Golden Retrievers are well known to have playful and joyous personalities. These puppies are energetic and enjoy spending their time with their families playing. You will find this breed of dog is very loyal and caring making them easy to train. Training and socializing are very important because Goldens Retrievers are a breed that is eager to learn and please their owners. 

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Why Choose a Golden Retriever Puppy? 

The Golden Retriever has many different talents including, retrieving, hunting, detecting narcotics, agility races, and above all a great addition to your family. Golden Retriever puppies love swimming, playing outside, and performing tricks along with learning their obedience.

With their kind gentle faces and loving eyes, the Golden Retriever is considered the best family dog. Bringing your new Golden Retriever puppy home will be very exciting! Golden Retrievers are lovers in every sense of the word.

This dog breed is one of a kind and will remain a perfect family pet for many years to come.

Current Golden Retriever Litters

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